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Strategic Leadership

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Strategic Leadership

In your school or Trust ICT needs to be seamless and reliable, both in the classroom and behind-the-scenes. As budgets tighten you must still meet and exceed curriculum targets, as well as stringent governance requirements. The last thing you need is an ICT headache. Rather, you need a trusted ICT strategic partner who will provide leadership and guidance on your ICT decisions, so you can focus on what’s important.
Strategic Need
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Retained Services

Half the battle is knowing what to ask. Whether you require a dedicated IT Director to tackle high level strategy, or representation for the process of tendering, Gridserve will assign you a nominated strategic ICT lead. Working with you on your side of the desk, your nominated partner will ensure your plans come to fruition, and that you hit target markers such as budget, functionality and long term requirements.

Adhoc Project Services

Whether your ICT is medium or large scale, a complete infrastructure implementation or an equipment refresh, you will benefit from Gridserve’s success in delivering new school developments. Gridserve will help you identify cost savings going forward to keep your budgets under control.