Support Services

ICT Support
Closing the knowledge gap between problem and resolution

The best ICT service should be almost invisible, but if it goes wrong it can mean disruption, cost and the loss of faith in expensive systems.  IT providers all to often provide sub-standard service levels once a project has been implemented and are rarely keen to work on equipment installed by another company.  When there’s a problem, it can take so long to be resolved that your team stop wanting to use the technology altogether!  With Gridserve you will have trained technicians in a position to be proactive and address issues straight away.


Proactive Monitoring

Gridserve proactively monitors all supported devices 24x7, 365 days a year.  Our cloud hosted system provides us with complete resiliancy, so we always know what's going on with your systems and can prevent outages.

We invest heavily in automation alongside our monitoring systems, to deliver information to our engineers before problems escalate.


Ticketing & Reporting


Our cloud-based ticketing systems provides Gridserve and its customers with further support resiliancy. Accessible 24x7 via our support portal, customers can access useful information, raise support request and manage exsiting requests, simply and reliably.

Support requests can also be raised via email and phone whilst our chat function allows for one-to-one interaction with end users when resolving issues.

Monthly reports are provided to our customers highlighting general usage along with root cause analysis.  These are followed up by our account manager reviews that offer further insight into improving IT systems.

Onsite Engineering

In a world so heavily reliant on technology, the human touch is often undervalued or even completely over looked.  Our onsite Network Engineers provide the link that allow customers to comfortably ask for assistance.


Remote Servicedesk


Gridserve has heavily invested in the remote servicedesk based at the company head-office in Wiltshire.  All of the systems that are used to monitor and support our customers are cloud-based and completely resiliant.

Our support services have been geared to allow for complete office shutdown whilst having no detrimental effect on our customers.