The Power of Groups

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Just a few weeks ago we decided to create a group on LinkedIn which focused on the strategic-level IT needs of Multi-Academy Trust. We speak to many MATs and felt as though their requirements, although similar in ways to single schools, were somewhat different along with being inherently complex.

The other day the group reached 50 members and although this might not sound significant, the numbers that you represent are astonishing.

As of today, there are 44 MATSs represented in this groups, which in total are responsible for 453 separate academies. We checked the capacities for each of these academies and were amazed at the 204,489 students that these academies cater for.

The power to change and the responsibility held by the members of MATchat is astounding. I truly hope that by sharing and discussing ideas between us, we can help improve technology in MATs.

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