ZOE helping to protect schools this winter!

In News by James

Did you know that ZOE has launched a free School Communities Programme that is open to all schools in the UK? They need your help to spread the word!

COVID-19 cases are high throughout most parts of the UK, and all four nations of the UK have brought in further restrictions aiming to control the pandemic. But unlike the lockdowns in the Spring, most schools are staying open this time around.

Parents are understandably worried about the virus spreading within schools and potentially infecting vulnerable family members and teachers. Yet we still know little about what COVID-19 looks like in children, or how transmission of the virus among children, which is likely to be lower than adults, impacts on the wider population.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Headteacher’s sign up and provide basic information about their school and pupil Bubbles
  2. Parents and carers can log in or download the COVID Symptom Study app to add themselves and their child/children as profiles. The new profiles will then be linked to the secure school network and Bubble
  3. We aggregate anonymous data and share the insights with school leadership teams and parents daily.

Sign up your school here: https://covidsymptomstudy-schools.joinzoe.com/welcome

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